The Quest Continues

2017 was rough.

Emotionally, spiritually, physically. At the beginning of the year, I made a wacky, wicked-crazy goal: to climb grade 5.13a by the end of the year. Well, 2017 has come and gone and today I climb not much harder than I did when I began my quest last year.

In 2016, I sustained a major finger injury that took forever to heal. And in mid-2017, I had another major physical set-back: a skin tumor on my back that required surgery. I was out the entire fall outdoor climbing season.

And this year, more than ever before, it felt I was needed more at home. Life got crazy.

I’m super-excited to reinvigorate this pie-in-the-sky goal, to again press towards it with renewed passion and purpose, and to take you along for the journey. Here’s to 2018!

[Pictures here are from our recent family climbing/camping trip to Stone Fort/Little Rock City, Chattanooga, TN]